About Art+


Our Art+ program ensures an ongoing fresh looking focal point in your kitchen


Basic Overview:
Art+ allows for frequent panel exchanges at discounted rate, as often as you please.

How it works:
Upon ordering you’ll be presented with the Art+ option if available on your product selection. This option will automatically calculate a reduced rate for a second, exact size match panel. This panel will be prepared and safely stored with your order details, ready for your next artwork.

When you feel the desire to update your current Splashback Art panel with a new one you make contact with us and we’ll immediately start preparing your replacement. Once you’re satisfied with the new panel we’ll send your replacement panel and collect the old one, with return courier fees covered by ourselves.

This panel will be stripped, polished and stored under your details, ready for the next whimsical idea you have. We can’t wait!

Apart from constantly updating your kitchen’s focal point to suit your mood/season/whims/fashion/taste or latest holiday trip the following apply:

  • Free collection of current panel.*
  • No “downtime” without a replacement. Your replacement is swopped out upon delivery.
  • Replacement panels include premium ArtStyles and ArtBase options at no additional charge.
  • Free cleaning and prepping of prior panels
  • Only pay for Art refresh after second panel exchange, with as much as 50% or more savings on new panels

* Free collection only upon delivery of replacement Splashback Art panel.



Quality Craftsmanship

Every single Splashback Art panel is expertly crafted, meticulously inspected and carefully packed for shipping.

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Our Passion

Dedicated and passionate about honouring your memories or vision.

Each Splashback Art panel is carfully considered and crafted from modern tools.